We will be headed to El Cebollito (Monterrico)- Pacific Coast from June 25- July 3, 2016 to partner with Raising the Children of God Inc

The majority of our time will be spent at the retreat center on the west coast in Monterrico. The construction project (manual labor) will again be at Eastpoint’s sponsored village of El Cebollito.

We are hoping to staff the medical clinic again this year - so the call is out for doctors, nurses, and medical students. In addition, dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants would also be greatly appreciated. There is a desperate need for all of this care.

For more information please email Bruce at bnaudie@gmail.com

We work with 14 villages throughout the three locations we serve in Guatemala. Most of them are Mayan villages in the states of Izabal (near Rio Dulce) and Santa Rosa (near Monte Rico). We allow God to use us to bring these people the message of His Love through the development of the programs we provide in the villages. God has allowed us to build churches, pastor’s homes, a retreat center, schools, water projects and much more with sponsorship and teams from churches, individual persons, and rotary clubs.

Our projects will continue for as long as God allows us to do it. Our main goal is to have kids and adults in constant spiritual growth, that all are able to be useful for God’s plan, have model citizens for our next generation, and to show the love of God through our actions. - cccguatemala.com



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