Our call to love and serve:

Matthew 22:37 tells us to love God with our all and that our neighbor should have the same care and attention that we give to ourselves. Here at Eastpoint, we believe the love of Jesus starts across the table as we love those in our homes. From there, it expands to our neighbors as we share across the fence. As we engage at work, sharing across the cubicle we continue to serve. Our recreation offers an opportunity as we share perhaps across the treadmill. We may even venture across the tracks where we can demonstrate the love of Jesus we wouldn’t normally cross paths with or even feel comfortable doing so. We want to help your engagement in these five areas as you present a tasty appetizer of God’s Kingdom to Greater Portland and beyond.

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Volunteer Opportunities:


Overview: Sound the Alarm. Save a Life. Sound the Alarm. Save a Life. is part of the American Red Cross’ 5-year initiative to reduce the number of preventable deaths and injuries caused by home fires.

On May 12th, Maine Red Cross volunteers, community members, business partners, and firefighters will install smoke alarms and provide fire safety education to homes in Portland, South Portland, and Westbrook. Volunteers are needed to join our installation teams for this event. Three-person volunteer teams will be assigned to pre-mapped zones in each city. Each team will be made up of a designated Safety Educator, Smoke Alarm Installer, and Documenter:

  • The Volunteer Safety Educators will educate families on fire safety and assist with completing disaster plans while the smoke alarms are being installed. These volunteers should be comfortable speaking with a wide variety of individuals.
  • The Volunteer Smoke Alarm Installers are the volunteers who install smoke alarms in homes. These volunteers should be comfortable using a ladder and a power drill.
  • The Volunteer Documenters records information about each home and the number of alarms installed. These people should be comfortable completing basic paperwork.

Training for all three roles will be provided on the day of the event and you can provide us with an assignment preference in your registration form. Meeting time the day of is between 8-8:30 a.m. at Eastpoint! Event will run until about 3 in the afternoon. Breakfast and lunch provided.

Please use the following link to register: https://volunteerconnection.redcross.org/?nd=vms_load_form&form_id=3707

Pre-May 12 Pre-Canvassing Events (May 1,2,8 & 9)

Volunteers are needed prior to May 12 to pre-canvass designated neighborhoods in Portland and South Portland. Pre-canvassing entails going door to door in teams to make installation appointments with home residents. The homes we make these appointments for will then be the homes we install smoke alarms in on May 12. Ultimately, without pre-canvassing, we won’t be able to have a successful day on May 12! Training for these pre-canvassing opportunities will be provided on the day of each event. No prior experience necessary.


Our pre-canvassing volunteer opportunities are May 1,2,8, & 9 from 4-7pm each day. The meeting/training location for these events will be 2401 Congress Street in Portland.Please use the following link to register: https://volunteerconnection.redcross.org/?nd=vms_public_form&form_id=4129

Cancer Prayer and Support Group

Every month on the first Monday of the month 6:00-7:30pm 
Organizer: Dennis Morton
The Eastpoint Cancer Prayer and Support is a group for people that have had cancer touch their lives. It is an open group no matter what type of cancer you have. Anyone whose life has been touched by cancer whether you're a patient, survivor, caregiver, friend or family, please join us and share your story!
This group meets the first Monday of every month. No cost.