Groups & Classes

Our groups and classes are for people to pray together, discuss the teachings and grow in our relationship with God – and we want to make a simple way for you to connect into them.

Through this interactive map, you are able to locate a group or class that either interests you or is in your area and connect directly with the leader!

To register for our Life Groups, Classes and/or Freedom Groups, just click on a pin drop on the map and email the group Leader and they will help you get registered for their group.

Feel free to take a look at the opportunities and reach out to our Connections Director, Keenan, with any questions!


Life Groups meet in homes during the week. When you arrive, you can expect to begin the evening with a time to meet and catch up with fellow group members over coffee and snacks. Once everyone arrives, your group will move into a time of Bible study and discussion. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and discover how the Bible applies to your life. Your group will wrap up with a time of prayer. You may find that the relationships you develop during your Life Group become some of your most meaningful friendships.

 Jesus’ walk to the cross turned the world upside down. It was a new beginning in the history of the world, one where God and his people could be in each others presence. But first, it took that harrowing walk of agony, carrying a heavy cross, having been beaten and lashed within an inch of his life. Jesus took that walk because of the joy set before him, which was you and me and every single person God has created. We’re all on walks of our own. Some people may be stumbling, struggling with strongholds that are holding them back from experiencing God. Others might be wandering around, trying to figure out what life and God are all about. Others still may be walking at a steady pace with Jesus, abiding with him and following him where he leads. Regardless of where you are on your walk, Jesus meets you where you are at. Join us this Easter as we see how walking with Jesus brings purpose, hope and life to a world that so desperately needs it.