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Abiding In The Vine

Posted by: Stephanie Smith
Breathe: Life Source
Focus Verse: Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. John 15:4

I have an orchid in my house that catches my attention every morning, some days because it’s so pretty and other days because it’s not very pretty. For much of the year my orchid presents merely as a couple of flowerless stems in some potting soil. But one morning I’ll pass by, and there to my surprise will be a little group of beautiful blossoms putting on a display. I think maybe it’s the same for you and I. Some days we feel (and appear) like boring branches sitting in a pot, and others times we’re in full bloom and displaying the work of our Savior. I suppose it’s somewhere between the times of dormancy and blooming when we learn to abide. 

Abiding in the Father is resting in His sovereignty over our lives. It’s agreeing and submitting to His ways, particularly when we don’t understand them. Abiding in Him is to depend on Him alone to nourish and sustain us. It’s believing that when we feel dormant, there is actually unseen activity underway. It’s trusting that we will bear fruit from all of our circumstances, both the bountiful ones and the difficult ones. Abiding is waiting on God’s perfect timing to bear the fruit of His work in us.

Some might contend that abiding sounds a bit passive. However, I would argue that the branches in a vineyard (and my orchid in the pot) are anything but passive. In a vineyard, the branches actively cling to and drink from the Vine. We too can daily drink from the well of God’s bounty in our times of prayer and study with Him. In the vineyard, the branches respond to the Vinedresser’s pruning with new growth. As believers, we also can choose to re-set and grow from God’s touches in our lives. In the vineyard, the branches act as a cooperative network; spreading, fueling, and strengthening the vineyard as a whole. As you and I gather with others in fellowship, worship, and communion, we are strengthening the larger body of believers. And as we abide in our Father, and bear His fruit, we are perpetuating a beautiful harvest for His vineyard. 
Today, be reminded of this: you’re not just a boring branch sitting in a pot – if you’re abiding in the Vine, you may be about to bloom.

Scripture Meditations for this week:

Tuesday: John 15:1-17
Wednesday: 1 John 2:1-6
Thursday: 1 John 4:7-21

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