Our Children’s Ministry exists to provide a safe and engaging atmosphere where the truths of Jesus are being taught.

We use Bible lessons that are age-appropriate, interactive, and relevant to today’s children. It is our privilege to work with each family in helping to lay a spiritual foundation that each child can build their lives upon.

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(6 weeks – 3 years *if 3, potty trained please*)


The phase when nobody’s on time, everything’s a mess and one eager toddler will insist, “I can do it!!”


Your little listens to your words. So this phase is the perfect time to begin talking, singing and praying together. Begin by simply incorporating faith into your daily routines.


Our leaders love to be everything they can be to your little ones. We will be praying for them, playing with them, singing to them and helping them feel safe and loved in the big, giant world. We will page you if they miss you too much while you are in church.


(3, 4, and 5 year olds *can be in kindergarten*)


The phase when anything can be imagined, everything can be a game, and one curious kid wants to know, “Why?” and shouts, “Look at me!


Your preschooler has many questions. Some might be about creation, heaven or church. And some might be hard to answer. Don’t panic. Just like everything else, answer as simply as possible. If they need to know more, they will ask. 

Your kindergartener is quickly learning the habits that make your family work. Make church a priority, but don’t let it be the only time you talk about faith. Talk about God as you go about your day


Our leaders are here to help answer your middle’s questions. Questions about God, and also questions about missing teeth, how fast they can run and how high they can jump. These kids are taught through a lot of activities that can end up on refrigerators, and through video teaching by 252 basics and First Look with Ollie the Owl.


(6, 7, and 8 year olds *1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade*)


The phase when fairness matters most, differences get noticed, and your enthusiastic kid thinks anything “sounds like fun!!


Your Big may be starting to enjoy reading. So, this is a great time to encourage skills that will help them enjoy reading the Bible. Make sure they have a full-text Bible in an easy to read translation, like the NIrV. Throughout the week continue to talk about faith together.


Our leaders are so fun!! We look forward each week to having a blast through competition and games but also help kids explore their faith with conversations and interactive live story-telling.


(9 and 10 year olds *4th and 5th grade*)


The phase when friends are best friends, games are for competition, and your confident kid will insist, “I got this!!”


In this phase where friendships matter more, so does your preteen’s faith community. As your preteen gets ready to move into youth ministry, look for ways to prioritize their church connections and have faith conversations at home.


Our leaders strive to be the reason your pre-teens come to church. They love building relationships with each other and God through asking questions and playing fun games. Go to studio252.tv to watch this week’s So and So Show.

Children’s ministry is currently offered at the 9am or 11am service. Our classrooms are located in the children’s wing, near the playscape. Ask a guide for directions to a specific classroom and they will be happy to assist! Check in is available inside each age-specific classroom.

Currently, we are using a curriculum called “Orange.” The study takes 2 combined influences (the love of home, and the light of Jesus) to make a greater impact.

Children’s Ministry

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We encourage our parents to download the ParentCue App so that you can stay up to date with our weekly lessons.

*All children’s ministry leaders and workers have passed background checks.

For more information about any children’s programs, or to volunteer please e-mail matt@eastpoint.church

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The safety and well being of your children are a top priority here at Eastpoint. All of our team members in the Children’s Ministry have been background checked. We do use a computer check-in system for preschool – elementary, and a pager system for nursery and toddler rooms. For safety purposes, we do lock the doors to get into the Children’s Wing 15 minutes after the start of each service. If for any reason you need to get your child early, bring your check in ticket or your pager and one of our team members will assist you.

We are a nut, gluten, and food allergy free environment.

We only use non-toxic cleaning products.

We are a no tolerance zone for bullying.