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Sometimes we face challenges due to troublesome thoughts, feelings, or behaviors; we want to move forward in Christ, but feel stuck. Freedom Groups gather to equip people to live the victorious and abundant life promised in Jesus. They build on the foundation of our faith in Christ to help us embrace biblical truths as they relate to our worldview, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, values, and purpose.

Breaking Free

In this 6 session class, explore the gift of freedom already ours in Jesus from strongholds of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt and shame.

Starts January 19th and 21st | Sundays at 12:30pm and Tuesdays at 9:30am | Purchase 'Renew: Breaking Free from Negative Thinking, Anxiety, and Depression' | Registration is required

Cancer Prayer and Support Group:

Anyone whose life has been touched by cancer, whether you're a patient, survivor, caregiver, or a friend/family member of someone who has cancer, join this supportive and caring group and share your story!

First Monday of every month at 6:00pm | No cost | Registration not required, you can simply show up.

Conquer Series:

(for men & women) - Men and women alike, join us during this 4 week educational series to learn and discuss how Christian sexual integrity can be reclaimed amidst a porn influenced world.

Starts January 20th | Monday at 6:30pm | books will be purchased at first class | Registration is required

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University:

With Dave Ramsey’s class Financial Peace University, you CAN take control of your money and start planning for your future. 

Starts January 21st and 23rd | Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00pm | Registration is required | $109 Class Fee due at beginning of class

Fresh Start - Alcoholics Anonymous:

This is an open discussion beginner's meeting for Alcoholics Anonymous. Wednesdays at 7:00pm | No cost | Registration not required, you can simply show up.


This is a program to help people who are grieving the loss of a loved one and helps you move forward with rebuilding your life around your loss.

Tuesdays at 6pm | Registration is required | $20 fee for workbook

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