Groups and Classes at Eastpoint are a great way to stay connected with our community but also to grow deeper in your walk with Jesus! Through our groups and classes, we desire that you can Know God more, you can experience the freedom he offers, and you can share your story with others! Check out the list of all of our available groups and simply click the drop down arrow to email the Leader to register! It’s that simple! Can’t wait to help you get connected!


Our groups and classes are for people to pray together, discuss the teachings and grow in our relationship with God – and we want to make a simple way for you to connect into them.View our Classes here. 

Freedom Groups

Freedom Groups gather to equip people to live the victorious and abundant life promised in Jesus. They build on the foundation of our faith in Christ to help us embrace biblical truths as they relate to our worldview, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, values, and purpose. View our Freedom Groups here. 

Women's Groups

We have groups designated for just women, including our mom’s classes. It’s a great way to gather with other women and grow in our relationships with each other and with Jesus. View our Women’s Groups here. 

Men's Groups

We have groups designated for just men. Check out more of our classes and groups for just men. View our Men’s Groups here. 

New Series Starting January 23rd! 

The Old Testament is a repository of the development of Godly character. Whether it’s Joseph’s unwillingness to compromise his integrity, Rahab’s faith in the God of Israel or Josiah’s reform back to obedience, there’s a lot that we can learn from the characters the preceded the birth of Jesus. Join us for a journey that explores the situations and circumstances that refined and defined different generations of believers, and how we can put their example into practice in our lives today.

Each character we study throughout this series has more to their story than what we can cover on Sunday mornings. Check out these videos from Josh Larrabee that dive deeper into who they were and how God used them for His glory.

Chairtime is our intentional time spent with Jesus every day – time in His Word, listening to His voice, and talking with Him through prayer. Our Building Character Chairtime Guide is a perfect resource to use for your own Chairtime, so be sure to download it now! 

Life with Jesus is so much better when we do it together in community! If you aren’t already in a group, we encourage you to jump right in! It’s a great way to stay in community, dig deeper into the Sunday series, and challenge and grow with one another.