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How Can I Make The Most of My Life (Part 2)

Posted by: Taylor Sikes

Rooted: How Can I Make The Most of My Life (Part 2)

Focus Verse: “And if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry, and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.” Isaiah 58:10

Have you ever focused on yourself so much that you become numb to the world around you? When we keep our eyes focused on ourselves, we become unprepared and unfulfilled in this world and we can easily overlook all the good and gracious things surrounding us that God has called us to tend to. This trend and lifestyle is completely overwhelming generations today and has caused more anxiety and depression than ever before. Social media allows us to spend time figuring out how to make our lives “look” beautiful and perfect; key word is “look”. We focus on our appearance, our material possessions, the way our family presents themselves and how the people we are with elevate our status. 
We must instead learn how to look to Jesus, which results in us looking for ways to serve others!

I can speak from experience, that a life focused on myself lead to nothing but unfulfillment, endless searching and emptiness that would only grow deeper and deeper as I pursued myself instead of God. The sin of selfishness, rooted in pride, blinds us from living a full and rich life of abundant love that is found only in Christ. When we can receive the free gift of life from Jesus, and really see how much we receive from Him, we then can begin to give to others freely and serve them with tenderness, appreciation and kindness that fills our hearts in ways that we could have never imagined.

We are made to love God first and then immediately love others. 


As we intercede for others daily, serve others and anticipate the needs of those who are hurting and broken, we often find that the things we have been awaiting for ourselves come to fruition because it simply changes our heart to be selfless.

Knowing who we are in Christ makes us desire deeply for others to know their identity in Him too; and we can make sacrifices for them as a representative of Christ by serving them, loyaly and lovingly.

The peace we have been looking for in our hearts during a season of anxiousness can often come through praying faithfully for your best friend to find peace while they are searching for a job to sustain their family. The freedom from fear you’ve been looking for can come as you step out for a family member and offer help in the middle of a divorce; even when it might be uncomfortable. So often we are searching for things for ourselves when really we need to be searching on the behalf of others, because in Jesus we are already found. 

We serve others not to get a gold star or look good, but we do it because God himself came down from heaven— not to sit and feast like a king while we crowned him with gold. No, we do these things because the God of the universe came down to earth to serve us. He came to serve me and you, and in the ultimate sacrifice gave us eternal life. Because of his goodness and selflessness, we have received the ultimate gift, something that no one and nothing could ever take away. This is why we can give our time, love, energy, finances and so much more to those in need who surround us daily. 
What isn’t to give to others if we have everything we need? 
We can live a life so rich in love and mercy that we look to the person next to us and offer them everything we have in Jesus’ name. Our light will never shine brighter than when we are serving others (Isaiah 58:10).

Scripture Meditations for this week:

Wednesday: Colossians 3:1-2