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At Eastpoint, we want to motivate and empower engaged and married couples in understanding how to develop and maintain positive, spirit-filled marriages. It’s our goal to help couples understand God’s sovereign plan for marriage, the roles of spouses within marriage, and the wonderful blessing marriage can be when both spouses are obedient to God’s Word.

“Haven’t You Read,” He Replied, “That At The Beginning The Creator ‘Made Them Male And Female,’ And Said, ‘For This Reason Man Will Leave His Father And Mother And Be United To His Wife, And The Two Will Become One Flesh?’ So They Are No Longer Two, But One Flesh. Therefore What God Has Joined Together, Let No One Separate.”

MATTHEW 19:4-6


Through this ministry, we provide couples with biblical principles and life skills that will help them establish and maintain healthy marriages in accordance with God’s original plan. Through classes, weekend seminars, couples mentoring, and one-on-one counseling, we assist couples in every stage of relational development to create a marriage that thrives on commitment, intimacy, and growth.

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Using an 8 part video series “Marriage Oneness,” couples learn key principles about God’s plan and purpose for marriage in an intimate environment with a more experienced mentor couple.


Each spring and fall, we present an 8 session marriage seminar on a variety of topics related to strengthening and enriching marriages. Some curriculum examples include “Marriage on the Rock” and “Return to Intimacy” by Dr. Jimmy Evans, “You and Me Forever” by Francis & Lisa Chan, and “The Meaning of Marriage” by Dr. Tim Keller.


In recent years we have developed an 8 week marriage “boot camp” where couples are immersed in a curriculum from Dr. Tim Keller as well as a video series from Dr. Jimmy Evans designed to heal the heart, restore intimacy with Christ, and create an atmosphere where love can flourish. This is done within the context of private counseling with pastoral staff.

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