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Eastpoint Moms

Our ministry seeks to encourage and lift up moms of all ages through the love of Jesus.

As Moms, our lives are busy, stretched thin in numerous different directions. The goal of EP Moms is for our time spent together to be quality, God-honoring, and productive: “In with a Purpose” or “Out on a Mission.” When we meet in a classroom, in a home, or elsewhere, our hope is to create purpose to what we do by learning more about God’s Word, encouraging each other, volunteering within the church, etc. When we go out into the community, we are on a mission to shine the light of Jesus by loving others well.

As the Holy Spirit leads our ministry to see the needs around us, we could collectively pay for the meal of the family eating next to us at a restaurant, give out flowers to shoppers exiting a store, or by handing out coffee gifts cards with our kids at the mall, no strings attached. There are many ways to have fun while building others up.

We want to include mothers of all ages and in all stages: some events will have childcare, others will be in the evening to accommodate working moms, and we are in the process of teaming up with Eastpoint’s Children and Youth leaders to provide options for homeschooling moms during class times as well. If you’re a mom, we invite you to join us!


Our Leadership Team

Mom's Leadership Team Picture